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Welcome to Elite Psychology and Wellness!

Words by Dr. Angela Shaba, Founder of Elite Psychology and Wellness

Elite Psychology and Wellness is a team of dedicated, motivated, and passionate clinicians who walk alongside you during your most difficult and challenging times. Our mission is to create a therapeutic setting that is supportive, encourages positivity and cultivates growth. At Elite Psychology and Wellness, we work with you to optimize your mindset and performance. We support every step of your journey to success!

Our counseling practice is a little different from others practices you may encounter or have worked with in the past. Our providers are highly skilled and collaborate with you to find the best treatment that fits your needs because we don’t believe a one size fits all approach is best. We work with you and what you bring to us. That is how we cater to each individual and help each individual reach their potential. 

Elite Psychology and Wellness is truly a specialty boutique-like practice. We have a special niche in performance psychology, and we do work with athletes, high level career individuals and other performers, within the performance psychology area. Though our niche focuses on sports and performance work we use performance psychology to help all our clients. What that means is that whether you are working towards becoming the next professional athlete or training for a marathon next year or simply feel stuck and want to achieve more success in your life, our holistic and positive approach to the way we treat the individual can help support the athlete or the performance individual in all of us. We support your mindset to help you reach your goals and live the life you want.  

We work with a variety of specializations and support individuals and work with people struggling in a lot of areas of their life. A few of those areas, include athletes who have been injured and are returning to play, those who are struggling with important career decisions or life transitions, we support new moms and parents, we work with those who are struggling with past trauma and those who need support with their relationships. We help you see the positive traits you already have, and we work with you on managing and finding those coping skills to stay focused on your own goals, whatever those goals may be. 

As the owner and founder of Elite Psychology and Wellness I knew that I wanted to create more than a private practice to help others. I wanted to make a place that both clinicians and clients felt appreciated, welcomed, and encouraged to tackle their goals one step at a time. As a former athlete myself, I know how much dedication and time it takes to succeed in your sport, to train and practice constantly, and to do it all again tomorrow so you can be better than you were today. That is my motto for Elite Psychology and Wellness. We work hard today, and we work even harder tomorrow. Because every day, I get to be a part of something bigger. Every day I get to see my team of therapists support our clients, and we see our clients living their best life. And that is truly rewarding. 

Need some support navigating life’s challenges? Struggling with your relationships or your career? Are you an athlete who needs to work on their mental game too? We can help! Elite Psychology and Wellness is a private practice counseling group specializing in holistic and integrative counseling care in Scottsdale, Arizona and the Phoenix metro area that helps you gain motivation, understand your potential, and help you reach your goals. Contact us today!  

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