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Anxiety can feel like an overwhelming sense of fear and discomfort when it is experienced.
We will support you through this process and help you learn ways to manage your thoughts and take control of your life.
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Life Transitions

Life can sometimes present us with different challenges and changes to handle.
Our providers are here to listen and make you feel heard while going through these life transitions.
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Grief & Loss

Grief is the body’s natural response to handling a loss. At some point in everyone’s life we will all experience a loss.
We provide you with a place to process your loss, understand ways to cope and give you the time you need to heal.
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Feelings of overwhelming sadness, lack of motivation and loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed.
We can help you gain an understanding of your depression, identify negative thinking, and help you gain coping skills.
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Pregnancy & New Moms

Pregnancy, postpartum and being a new mom and parent are both exciting and challenging.
We will help you navigate your new role as a parent and the changes that come in your relationships.
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Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating & Body Image

Often our self-worth in ourselves can be tied to the way we view our body.
Our providers can work with individuals who have an unhealthy relationship with food and have suffered from an eating disorder.
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Sport Injury & Concussion

Therapy can help an athlete process through any trauma related to the injury or to return to play.
Our providers work with athletes on identifying recurrent fears to return-to-play after an injury.
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Parenting is unique for all of us because all children are unique individuals that have their own unique needs.
Our providers do not come from a one size fits all approach when we work with our families.
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When we experience low self-esteem, we usually feel bad or negative about the way we look or act.
We help you learn the coping strategies you need to feel better about you, and we help you build your self-worth.
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Athlete Identity & Development

Athlete identity is a very real concept and for most athletes their whole identity wrapped up in their sport.
We work with athletes to develop their confidence in themselves and their performance.
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Sometimes we don’t realize that we must really put in the work to make relationships healthy, manageable, and sustainable
We will work with you to improve your relationships and how to develop healthier and more meaningful ones in the future.
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Perfectionism & OCD

These behaviors can affect your social and romantic relationships, career, and sport.
Our providers will help you learn coping strategies to reduce these overly critical thoughts and gain acceptance in yourself.
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Stress Management

Stress can become chronic stress that impacts aspects of our life such as our career, our sport, our relationships.
Our providers work from a variety of modalities and use a variety of strategies to support stress management.
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Trauma & PTSD

Trauma can be defined as our brain and body’s way of responding to a difficult and traumatic life event.
We can help you process your past trauma and help you heal from it.
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Health & Medical Counseling

Individuals who are impacted by sudden or chronic medical or health-related issues.
Our providers can support individuals who need health related medical counseling.
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