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Sports Injury and Concussion Therapy

From Setback to Comeback: Your Support Through Injuries & Concussions

Elite Psychology and Wellness in Scottsdale, AZ, has a specialty in providing sports psychology services to the athlete population. We also have a unique specialization and work with athletes who have experienced a sports-related injury or sports-related concussion.

"I've learned that something constructive comes from every defeat." - Tom Brady

What Is Sports Injury Therapy?

A sports-injury and a sports-related concussion can be isolating, debilitating and painful both physically and emotionally. When an athlete experiences an injury, they are usually not allowed to return to play until they are medically cleared, which can cause confusion and loneliness. The athlete no longer is experiencing their life the way they normally do as they are not able to attend practice or play in games. Often, the injury can impact not just performance but other areas of life as well. We often see athletes experiencing depression or anxiety because of their sports-related injury as they are isolated from their relationships and interactions with others.

Athletes can face sport injuries that deal with orthopedic injuries musculoskeletal injuries, and concussion injuries. An athlete can experience a torn ACL, a rotator cuff injury, a pulled hamstring or groin muscle, a stress fracture in their ankle or a full fracture of a bone. Most fractures are visible injuries and though the athlete must manage the difficulties around this injury they typically know of a structured plan for recovery and return to play. Because these injuries are often visible to those in the athlete’s world, they are injuries that are more accepted and tolerated.

For some sports-related injuries, they can be more debilitating and isolating because these injuries are not visible to those in the athlete’s life, and they cause a longer recovery time and return to play protocol. Such injuries like stress fractures and concussions aren’t visible to coaches, parents or loved ones. These injuries can be chronic and consume more mental and emotional time and distress for the athlete. As a result, the athlete’s mood can become greatly affected and we can see an increase in both emotional and physical discomfort and distress.

Why Seek Therapy For A Sports Injury?

Seeking sports psychology therapy services at Elite Psychology and Wellness in Scottsdale Arizona, will help an athlete find ways to cope with the physical and psychological stressors created by the injury. Therapy can help an athlete process through any trauma related to the injury or to return to play. Often when an athlete gets injured or if this is an injury after many consecutive injuries, an athlete can find themselves fearful of returning to the game. They may find themselves hesitant, cautious, and not playing the way they used to. Support during this time can be helpful to manage these rising and unexpected emotions that have surfaced from the injury. And at other times, when an athlete is unable to quickly return to play due to the nature and depth of the injury, the athlete’s confidence in themselves and their sport can be affected. Therapy can address those questions you may be asking yourself, such as, “How could I let this injury happen?” and “Will I ever return to my sport again?”

Why Choose Elite Psychology And Wellness?

Elite Psychology and Wellness, our providers work with athletes on identifying recurrent fears to return-to-play after an injury. We identify and process emotional and physical triggers that can hold you back from returning to your sport. Our providers identify and manage any setbacks you may experience while practicing and help you process these emotions so that they don’t continue to impact your performance. Elite Psychology and Wellness, helps you find ways to cope with the physical and psychological stressors created by the injury. We work with you to rehab your mind, much like you are working with your athletic trainers and sports-medicine physicians to rehab your body. We also work with athletes, who because of an injury or multiple sports-related concussions, must stop playing their sport. We work with you to grieve this loss and help support you in finding alternative passions related to sport. We are there with you, every step of the way, during your journey of recovery!