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Supportive Therapy for Perfectionism and OCD

Embrace Imperfection: Overcoming OCD and Perfectionism

At Elite Psychology and Wellness in Scottsdale Arizona we work with many individuals who have high levels of perfectionism because they are high achievers and have a strong passion to succeed. Whether we are working with a current or former athlete, entrepreneur, or with a stay at home mom who wants to be the best they can, we know the internal stressors individuals put on themselves.

Certain fears and stress-related pressures to succeed or to be the best can cause you to feel bad about yourself. You start to lose concentration and motivation. You begin to have increased feelings of anxiety and depression. You start to question yourself regularly or you continue to push yourself to succeed while not trusting yourself. This can cause an increase in mood related issues, illness or injury. You start to tell yourself that you are not good enough. And thoughts start to spiral and your motivation and determination starts to decrease. You find yourself not performing in the way that you used to or you find yourself not being able to cope with things the way you once did. And now you find yourself needing help to turn it around.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking perfection, but in embracing imperfection."

What Is Perfectionism And OCD?

When we talk about perfectionism, we are talking about a personality trait that someone has. This personality trait is overly focused on adhering to specific standards and expectations. When we talk about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) we are talking about a psychological and medical diagnosis where intrusive thoughts and a need to complete repetitive and compulsive behaviors to feel less anxious.

Why Seek Help For Perfectionism And OCD?

Perfectionism and OCD can be connected to other mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. When perfectionism and OCD impedes your daily life, causing distress, increased levels of anxiety and depression, insecurities, or unmanageable obsessive compulsive thoughts, it is important to seek help. These behaviors can affect your social and romantic relationships, career, and sport.

Why Choose Elite Psychology And Wellness?

At Elite Psychology and Wellness, in Scottsdale Arizona, our providers will work with you to learn the coping strategies you need to reduce these overly critical thoughts and gain acceptance in yourself. We help you shift your mindset. We will help you shift your automatic thought patterns so that you can reduce these thoughts and the stress that comes with thinking this way.

You will begin to feel less stressed and more confident in yourself. You will feel more in control of your behavior and make more balanced decisions