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Supportive Therapy for Pregnancy and New Moms

Pregnancy, postpartum and being a new mom and parent are both exciting and challenging.

During this time in your life, new moms can feel overwhelmed with anxiety, experience a loss of identity, have increased self-esteem and confidence issues and experience changes to their romantic relationship.

Our providers will provide a safe space for you, so that you can have a little time to really focus on your needs and learn how to build confidence in yourself.

Why Seek Help As A New Mom?

Pregnancy is a time for joy and excitement. It is also a time where fears and different stressors can set in. Relationships can be stressed too as you both start to shift and adjust to the newness to the family structure and the changes that come to the regular routine that you were both used to.

In the beginning stages after the child is born, many new parents find themselves not sleeping or taking care of themselves as much as they once did. There isn’t a lot of time for you as a new mom and for your relationship. During pregnancy or during the postpartum period, past trauma may surface and trigger past feelings of how you will be as a parent and if you are doing your best. These feelings surface all while managing hormonal and emotional shifts. Many new moms are not able to express their emotions or communicate their needs as they are sleep deprived, emotionally exhausted, and unsure.

Why Choose Elite Psychology And Wellness?

At Elite Psychology and Wellness in Scottsdale Arizona and the Phoenix area our providers understand this challenging time as a new mom and as new parents. We here to support you during this time of joy and change.

We will help you navigate your new role as a parent and the changes that come in your relationships. We know this time is normal even if it doesn’t feel that way while you are going through it. We will be there with you every step of the way so that you can get back to being an even better version of yourself!