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Welcome to Elite Psychology and Wellness

Where Performance and Balance Come Together

Dr. Angela Shaba, PhD, LPC, Founder

Elite Psychology and Wellness was founded in Scottsdale Arizona as a mental health and sport performance practice who’s mission was and still is to provide the highest quality of mental health and performance services to our community in the Valley. We strive for excellence in all areas of our work, dedicated and passionate about helping individuals succeed in their life. Now, Elite Psychology and Wellness helps individuals throughout Arizona supporting overall emotional and mental wellness, optimizing performance in your sport, career and life.

At Elite Psychology and Wellness, we work with individuals to identify life’s stressors and challenges, learn healthy coping skills and create an impact on daily life. We can help you gain motivation, realize your potential and achieve your goals. We believe that you already have the skillset and the mindset needed to achieve your goals, to achieve success in your sport, career and life, you just need someone to help you see it. At Elite Psychology and Wellness we will be that person to help guide you and support you through life’s challenges and transitions opting to incorporate our performance education and background to create the life you want. 

At Elite Psychology and Wellness, our providers are skilled and experienced in both mental health and performance strategies and because of that understand life’s challenges and goal setting in a different more unique way. We know we can’t change the past but we can work with you to understand these things and help you cope, resolve conflict and move forward. We work with you on balancing the things that seem out of control so you are more focused on achieving the goals you want. 

The team at Elite Psychology and Wellness will work with you to develop a specific treatment plan to increase coping, fulfill social, romantic, and family relationships, increase and optimize performance, while decreasing the negative mindset and feelings that are holding you back from your true self. We work to help you create a happier more balanced life.

We believe everyone should have access to superior mental health and performance care. We started that way, and we will remain that way. Because you are what is most important to us.

Warm Regards,
Angela Shaba
Founder of Elite Psychology and Wellness