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Supportive Therapy for Grief and Loss

Grief is an unexpected and difficult thing to experience.

The loss of a loved one or the idea of something we have held on to and can’t have, can all create emotional distress of pain, discomfort, exhaustion, and fear.

Each of us experience grief differently. Some of us can experience depression and sadness, while others experience anger or irritability. Some of us experience pain and emotional distress immediately while some of us can experience these feelings years after the loss.

And still sometimes we think we have dealt with a loss and moved past it only to be triggered by a different life event or circumstance for which the grief resurfaces.

"Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there was great love."

What Is Grief And Loss?

Grief is the body’s natural response to handling a loss. At some point in everyone’s life we will all experience a loss. Although grief is normal, and many of us experience it at some point in our lives, the feelings that accompany a loss can be feelings of overwhelming pain and suffering. We can find ourselves stuck or having overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness, and confusion around the loss.

Grieving a loss can come from many experiences. Grief can come from the loss of a loved one, from the ending of a romantic relationship, or from the ending of a relationship with a toxic friend. Still grief can come from a sports injury, from medically having to retire from your sport, or from a medical diagnosis such as infertility or cancer.

Why Seek Help For Grief?

Grief is real. And it can feel overwhelming and can create psychological, emotional, and physical distress. Seeking help from a trusted provider can be helpful so that you have someone to talk with, process the emotional response you are having, and work as a guide to support you through this difficult time. Talking and processing your grief can be helpful so these emotions aren’t bottled in and then affect other areas of your life.

Why Choose Elite Psychology And Wellness?

At Elite Psychology and Wellness, our providers understand that the pain that accompanies grief is real. Is overwhelming. And is difficult to manage. We provide you with a place to process your loss, understand ways to cope and give you the time you need to heal. We know that grief comes from different experiences and events.

Sometimes grief comes with the death of a loved one, sometimes with the ending of a relationship. Sometimes with ending a career. Sometimes with having to let go of unhealthy individuals in your life. Sometimes with a medical diagnosis like infertility. And sometimes with a sports-related injury that forces you to medically retire. Whatever your grief and whatever your loss, Elite Psychology and Wellness in Scottsdale Arizona and the Phoenix metro area is here to help you through this challenging time.