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Supportive Therapy for Stress Management

Embrace Calm: Stress-Free Living Starts Here.

In today’s face paced world, we can all feel a little stressed from time to time, especially when we are dealing with certain unexpected difficulties and life transitions. However, sometimes that stress is overwhelming and spills into other areas of our life or lasts far longer than we expected.

Sometimes that stress becomes chronic stress that impacts aspects of our life such as our career, our sport, our relationships. We find ourselves struggling with daily tasks and activities We find ourselves loosing joy in our relationships or our career. We begin to feel lost.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

What Is Stress Management?

There are so many things that you are managing daily. Work, school, sports, family, relationships. All these things can increase our stress. And when something goes wrong or is a total surprise, our stress is intensified and can feel unmanageable.

Sometimes we don’t know why we are feeling stressed or what is impacting us. Sometimes we know that there are just too many things we must give our attention to, and we aren’t sure how to set boundaries or prioritize what is really important to us.

Why Seek Help For Stress?

Stress can take a toll on our physical and emotional well-being. Stress can cause increased anxiety and depression, can interfere with sleep and daily functioning. Stress can have a direct effect on our physical health too.

We don’t want to let stress takes over our lives. And we don’t want to ignore stress. We want to cope with the stress we are experiencing and learn specific strategies to manage the things that increase our stress so that we can support our emotional and physical well-being and overall mental and physical health.

Why Choose Elite Psychology And Wellness?

At Elite Psychology and Wellness, in Scottsdale Arizona and the Phoenix metro area, we understand stress is real and can affect you in so many ways. We also understand that if left untreated, stress can manifest in anxiety or depression. Our providers work from a variety of modalities and use a variety of strategies to support stress management. We will collaborate with you to identify a plan to support your needs, while helping you process and learn about your stress, what triggers you and the specific skills you will need to manage your stress better.

We help you gain these important skills so that when you are in stressful situations you can focus and cope, resulting in less stress overall and more quality interactions and success.