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Career Counseling

At Elite Psychology and Wellness our performance providers help support you with any and all career changes, challenges and transitions in Scottsdale Arizona and the Phoenix metro area. Are you feeling stuck in your current career? Are you a natural born entrepreneur and innovator but aren’t sure where to start? Is that promotion super exciting but also starting to feel overwhelming and stressful? Are you considering going back to school or starting a degree program? If you answered yes to these questions than we can help you!

At Elite Psychology and Wellness, our providers will work with you to develop a structured plan for your career. We will focus on identifying your strengths, developing what you are good at, and identifying what are your areas of limitation or needed growth. We will provide a space for you to process your fears and excitement along with your career move and we will help you gain the motivation you need to succeed on your path. We will help you get unstuck in your decision making process and even challenge you to answer some difficult questions that will help you grow and better understand what makes you excited in a career path.

Elite Psychology and Wellness is here to support you at each stage in your career journey in Scottsdale Arizona and the Phoenix metro area. Call us today so we can help you start planning your future today!